Weld studs are a type of (Shear Connectors). They are considered as one of the major and the most important consumable elements in the process of (Stud Welding) that undertake function of transferring concrete shear force to the structure.

In todays technology (Studs) are widely used in variety of forms and various industries including (Ship building industry) and heavy structures (Heavy Construction) and (Construction Industry) such as (Treaded, Headed, Deformed bars) that are manufactured supplied with the different materials including low carbon – steels and alloys (stainless steel), aluminum and/or brass.

In this regard, this company by the support of specialists, special machinery and designing department as well as equipped/powerful machine shop is capable of all kind of weld studs production. By relying on technical knowledge of metal forming and utilization of cold forging modern machines (Cold form) we are ready to do the special orders (tailor-made) for customers.