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Manufactured stud is produced from the best coil (Wire Rod) produced by Iran Alloy Steel Co. conforming to international USA ANSI/AWS D1.1 and BSEN ISO 13918 standards and by utilization of full automatic machines and cold-forming manufacturing process. By performing a complete production process including drawing, annealing, phosphating and forming, the product will be high quality and will have the necessary mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy as well as the great welding capability.

Reference : NELSON , HBS , MILLER


Cordierite body, due to their very low uniaxial thermal expansion as a consequences of very good resistance against the (thermal shock cracking)

-High sintered point.
-Perfect dimensional accuracy and appropriate geometric forms
-The polished, smoothness and cleanliness levels and especially in maximum levels of interior smoothness.-
-Material homogeneous and having the appropriate density (minimum porosity)
-No shrinkage, especially in the molten pool stage.
-Lack of to composition desire with melt
-Great resistance and providing needed fortification until welding process is finished.
-Appropriate/ standard solidification and personal protection, welders safety against free radicals (free Silicates)