Company Introduction

Weld LX utilizes experienced specialists and the most advanced equipment in the world such as MALL MEDEY of Germany and Taiwani’s CHAUN YU. its activities in production of all kinds of fasteners in different grades, shapes and sizes “4 to 24mm” has started in 1369 Iranian calendar. With almost 26 years of experience, vast knowledge and expertise of its specialist, utilization of latest technology, advanced production machinery and quality control equipment, bolts and nuts, washer, stud bolt, U-bolt, and variety of the bolts with special alloys are produced.

Considering construction approaches to utilize the latest technology in recent years and specially roof construction with metal deck methodology which is one of the accepted approaches in construction research center.

This company by aiming (Weld Stud) production conforming to the DIN/AWS standards and Iranian construction regulations is now, nearly six years devoted a full automatic production line to manufacture of a variety of studs (Shear Connectors).

In addition, for weld-lx company to supply and distribute ceramic conforming to the STANDARDS TYPE CERAMIC FERRULE ACC TO AWSD1.1) has already signed a exclusive contract (Sole Agent) with the best ceramic and welding insulator manufacturer which has the best quality of the ferrules ceramic in the world.